Best roofing choices depending on the property style

The worst thing for us is when the client demands a recommendation as various aspects play their part in the right choice of material for the roof. The largest element in choosing a good material is the building style of the house. We usually ask our clients about that and survey the property before we make any suggestions.

Minimalistic modern and Chateauesque houses

The Chateauesque houses have their roots in old French chateau houses, and therefore it’s best to stick with some traditional materials that will give a home that rustic look. Wood shakes, and slate tiles are the best options for this type of house, while you shouldn’t even think about asphalt shingles.Chateauesque1

Cedar shakes are inexpensive, and they offer a truly rustic feel. They will add beautiful texture to the house, but that comes with some downsides as well. This type of roof requires regular maintenance if you want it to last. The slate is a more expensive option, but it will last longer, and it doesn’t require as much maintenance as wood does. Slate tiles don’t come in wide variety of colors, but they do come in colors of the stone which are what this type of house needs.

The best material for covering minimal modern homes is wood. You can also use asphalt shingles but never opt for slate as it will ruin the look of the home. Asphalt shingles are cheap, and they still come in many designs and colors. You can even emulate the look of wood with the right shade of asphalt, which is excellent as it has the better durability that the wood and it requires less maintenance. If you want a wooden roof, then choose slates over shingles, as they give a better look to a minimalistic modern home. Shingles don’t look nice as their design is too large for a house like that.


Your home – Your choice

In the end, it’s up to you what material you want on top of your house. Our estimation officers will recommend some materials and styles that will complement the house, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go with that. You can choose anything you want, and we will happily work with it.