Keeping up with roofing advancements

Roofing business, like any other industry, depends on the technological advancement. New technological advancements create innovations that improve the roofing. Every decent roofing company has to follow those changes and implement them if they want to survive.

You will notice that all big and famous companies keep a close eye on technology and innovations because they know their importance. We are like that as well, looking forward to innovations and implementing them into our business.

Advancements in various roofing alternatives


This industry isn’t simple as there are different types of roofs and each and every one of them has its progression line. It isn’t logical to compare metal tech with concrete and other traditional roofing materials and thus they have their research projects.

Metal isn’t something new in this business as it was around for several decades. The improvements in this field were pretty stagnant until last decade as other materials were more available, and there were more variations than with metal. But last several years brought fast progress of research on metal, and that opened new ways to use various metals in the roofing business.

Advanced insulations and GSM flashings are making their way to becoming a standard when it comes to metal roofs. This makes metal as the material the most cost effective for roofing which is why we praise it so much.

You must have noticed the lack of appreciation towards PV aka photovoltaic.  PV promises ecofriendly roofing, which is commendable, but the issue lies in the state of the tech. The current PV installation may have an adverse influence on the performance of the roof system, which we can’t allow. We do offer this, but we won’t praise it like others.

Low and Steep slopes in roofing


There has been much advancement in low and steep slope roofing as well. The introduction of EPDM, modified bitumen, and self-adhering materials changed the way we build low slope roofs. On the other hand, the steep roof construction has been changed through the introduction of synthetic shingles and new and advances slates. The modern age of roofing is here, and new styles of roofs arrive on a regular basis which is the biggest change in this business.