Tips for proper gutter cleaning

Tips for proper gutter cleaning

Regular cleaning of gutter and downspout system of your roof is kind of dreadful, but highly necessary task in order to avoid additional costs and expenses for repairing roof construction damaged by rain, snow or leaves. If the gutter isn’t functioning properly, the clogs will emerge and you may expect various damages of the roof. Unfortunately, many homeowners decide to handle this task on their own while being inadequately educated, trained or equipped. If the task is challenging or you are not competent enough to deal with it, hiring gutter cleaning company is the best solution, to avoid causing bigger damage or harming yourself. However, if you possess the required tools and skills, you may try to clean the gutter yourself. Here are some advice on how to handle it properly gained from the gutter cleaning experts from Trinity Roofing company.

Basic equipment for gutter cleaning

In order to conduct this tasks successfully and safely, you will need a starter pack which includes adequate ladder and garden hose. Before climbing any kind of ladder, make sure to let someone know what you are about to do, just in case you need helping hand. Do not neglect the importance of ladder safety since number of injuries gained during gutter cleaning is way too high. The safest model of ladders is four-legged step ladders, the regular ones or the extended ones, depending on the height of your roof. Also, you should get ladders with additional shelf attached to hold the basket you’ll be using to collect gutter debris. Aside ladders, professional gutter cleaners recommend using garden hose with strong spray which will help you remove the majority of debris with water pressure using only one hand of yours.

Safety dress code

Although gutter cleaning might appear as easy job with low risks, it might easily turn into dangerous activity causing unexpected injuries. To protect yourself, you’ll need safety dress code. It should include solid glows, protective eye wear and rubber shoes. Glow should protect you from dirt and potentially toxic debris, but also prevent cuts and erosion. Similar goes for eye protection, which should prevent dangerous eye injuries caused by various things, including simple dust, but also insects and pests. Sometimes gutter cleaning will require climbing onto the roof and walking across loose shingles and wearing rubber shoes is the best way to conduct this safely.


Best gutter cleaning method

The process most similar to professional gutter cleaning should include rough gathering of debris, scooping out debris and finally cleaning clogged ends of the downspouts. You can use regular rakes to collect the rough debris from the roof to easy the rest of the job. Scooping debris with common plastic scoop is the most effective and convenient methods for gutter cleaning and the tool is available at any well-equipped hardware store. Finally, do not forget to unclog and clean the ending parts of gutter and all of its angles, since cleaning only the straightforward sections will cause gutter clogging after the first next rain if downspouts are left clogged.